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West Coast Power designs and integrates smart building control systems on one plattform for light control system, HVAC, access control, smart blind system, energy management and more.

Smart building management systems (SBMS)
SBMS is the newest technology to manage systems in modern buildings the involved network infrastructure manages, track and analyse systems as per example HVAC, light system, cameras, sensors of all kind, power generation and consumption and much more. This will help you to comply with local and regional regulations, maintenance of your building, improve safety and reduce operating cost.
Smart building technology
We use Internet of Things (IoT) devices to monitor various building features. Part of a smart solution is to analyze the collected data, to generate an understanding of patterns and trends that will be used to optimize the building’s environment and operations. Our smart building technology gives you greater control safe locally and remotely over your infrastructure. We give you more control over how you run your building and where you would like to safe energy.
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